What is the relation between microwaves and cows?

Today, the topic is technology.

But before we start, I have one question for you. What is the connection / relation between the following objects?

Apparently, we can think that they don’t have anything similar. But when we use some new (or not so much new) concepts, like Internet of Things (IoT), this scenario changes. And, today we are going to talk about the opportunities around concept. I will call concept, because it is more than “just technology”. This can be thought as a “way of thinking”, once you can apply the concepts in very different ways. In other words, we can call this topic as “Internet of Things for Dummies”, if you like.

In my opinion, IoT is an “upgrade” on the automation processes, that the engineers has been developing in the last years, applied over an internet concept. This integration allows each automated object, to interact each other, creating an opportunity to exchange information about almost every object in the world.
Using this approach, we can have objects that can send signals for you (and your smartphone) about their behavior, or even acting in an autonomous way. Let’s think about your microwave, for example. Why can’t you access it from your work, for example, programming its start some minutes before you arrive at home? Or even more, why can’t you integrate information from Waze in order to calculate the timing for it?
In the end, you basically can do almost everything.

Bringing this concepts to the industry that I work – agribusiness – I brought one interesting example. One german company has developed a system that monitors the cattle, collecting about 200mb per year, per cow, from the geolocalization to health information. These information can tell to the owner things like, when the cows are pregnant, or suffering with some disease.

Another example is a set of sensors, that are connected to the trees, in the crop field, that can do the same for them – except for the information about pregnancy. =)

According to Cisco, we will have about 50 billions of “things” connected in the internet, and the next challenge around it is to “transform” these data into information. This challenge can be tackled with another “brand new concept” (or not so much) called BIG DATA.

And, well… About the title of this post, what is the relation between microwaves and cows, I don’t have the answer… yet… And what about you?

This will be the topic for the next week, so, keep in touch!

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