The journey through the innovation!

Hello! I’m back!

Today, I’m gonna talk about innovation from the Design Thinking perspective, and the journey we just started on here.

It’s a fact that the companies are looking for more innovative ways of thinking for problem solving and overall customer experience, due to this new era we are living on.

It was not different for us. As a traditional company, especially if looking for the IT department, seems obvious we were needing a new way of thinking, and it was represented in our annual IT event, where the topic innovation was one of the top 5 issues we found. To solve this topic, we created an action plan… very obvious, I would say.

But, differently from what was expected, the working group agreed on the opportunity around the idea, and we started to bring the culture within, through 2 main / core concepts: Design Thinking + Gamification.


As beginners on the practice, we decided to map the innovation process. It was important, because we noticed the selected tools would provide a wide range of alternatives to help us on the journey. However, it was clear to us that, or we pick one tool per phase, or we were going to be in trouble. And this is what we did.

At the end, we built a “innovation kit” to be replicable in the next times.

Design Thinking

Well, we had previous experiences on the topic, but never implementing the concept itself. And this lack of experience, brought some challenges to the practice.

As I mentioned, we choose only one tool per Design Thinking phase, which proven to be an excellent approach. For the next times, we have the plan that gradually bring more alternatives, growing the options for the practice.


This topic was also discussed during this year, but it was not included in the first innovation round as a real practice. We just debated about the concept, planning how to include it in the next iterations. The main problem here was the fact that, or we design a very well thought strategy for the practice, that improves the collaboration between the participants, or the practice could create a bad environment for the participants, increasing the “bad competition”. We decided to postpone the starting on it.

Side Effects

While using the practices, of course we promote the innovation in the company, which was converted into a prototype for a tool. This “side effect” of the innovation process mapping shown the success of this practice in our company.

Additionally, we have now an agenda to keep the wheel running, with a pipeline of potential topics to be submitted to the process, as well as a set of events discussing the innovation practice itself, new concepts, and general events that would refers to the topic.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to contact me in case you need more information about our journey!

And… I’ll be back in the next week with more examples and practices!

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